Autore/Author: Impresso
Larghezza max / Max width (in cm): 1000
Altezza max / Max height (in cm): 1000
Carta da parati di triangoli colorati

Big triangle wallpaper

A wallpaper with big triangles in various colours. This style of wallpaper is in right now. It gives a calm backdrop to any room or office and is very different from a wall in one colour.

We can change the colours of the wallpaper and we can also modify the triangles so you can have a wallpaper exactly like you want. Further below you can see another example.

We have made a video and guide how to design your own wallpaper in this style, with big coloured triangles: Tutorial to design your own triangles wallpaper

Wallpaper of coloured triangles

Wallpaper with personalised big triangles