There are several things you can do with old wallpaper and the extra wallpaper pieces that were not used.

The old wallpaper which has been removed from the wall, is not always reusable. It depends on how it has been stripped from the wall. Old wallpapers do not always come off easily, so unfortunately nothing can be recycled in that case.

If you don't want or can reuse the wallpaper, you have to be careful where to throw it. Usually it should not go in the paper bin, because wallpaper almost never exists of paper (the name unfortunately can be deceiving). Usually old wallpaper must be thrown into the mixed waste bin. In case the wallpaper is still in good condition, it may be a pity to throw it away.


{slider Cover books}

The pieces of wallpaper that have not been used could be used to cover books to protect them, for example for school books that are transported often and so the risk of damage is greater.


{slider Decorate interior or exterior wardrobes}

The pieces of wallpaper already used (if it was possible to remove them from the wall intact and clean) as well as the pieces left over, can be used to cover the interior of the wardrobes, cupboards and closets, and even on the exterior.


{slider Gift wrapping paper}

Old pieces of wallpaper that are in good condition can be used to wrap gifts. It is truly original to bring a small gift using a second-hand wrapping paper.


{slider Decorate the stairs}

The vertical part of the staircase gets dirty easily and one can patch it with old pieces of wallpaper, even of different types and with different designs.


{slider Homemade postcards}

The pieces of wallpaper that came off the wall without damage, could be cut into a postcard shape and used both to send via mail but also to give home-made invitations.


{slider Covering boxes}

Boxes can be practical for keeping the house organised. Covering the boxes with old or unused wallpaper is simple and changes the look of a normal box completely to a special object that can be kept in view.


{slider Cover the lampshade with a lamp}

Before thinking about this idea of ​​covering a lampshade with old pieces of wallpaper or the leftover wallpaper, be sure that the bulb does not heat up too much. So you have to use an LED light bulb (these are widely available and also save energy).


{slider Make a patchwork wall}

Not everybody likes patchwork, but in case you do, the effect of a wall with various pieces of leftover or used wallpaper, also different from each other, can be a beautiful and original wall covering. A true 'patchwork'.


{slider Cover spots on the wall}

Instead of having to repaint a whole wall, you might consider putting a patch on a stain with a piece of unused wallpaper. Other ideal places are behind the bed, as the headboard of the bed, or behind the sofa where the sofa always touches the wall.


{slider Cover a door}

Recovered or unused wallpaper pieces can also be used to coat a door. If the paper is not enough for the entire door, only one vertical strip could be made, or both a top and bottom strip.


{slider Create sleeves for tablet/phone}

With the old wallpaper it is also possible to create sleeves for your mobile phone or tablet. This idea works best with a heavy wallpaper and maybe vinyl or with a base in TNT.


{slider Creating homemade festoons}

Old wallpaper can be recycled into original, homemade festoons. An advantage is that you can freely choose the forms. Triangles, rectangles in different sizes, circles or a mixture of all.


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