Would you like to design your own wallpaper with a photo you have made or with something you have found on the internet? We can help. Not many images are big enough to print as real wallpaper, so some tricks are needed to avoid viewing pixels.

There are also many possibilities to have a wallpaper from a painting, even a rather famous one. Several musea give the opportunity to download good quality pictures of the artwork they exhibit. These download can only used for personal use, but we can assist making a wallpaper out of a painting you like. Have a look at the website of the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands) or the MET.

A painting of an Iris

We have taken an image from the Rijksmuseum website in The Netherlands.

We downloaded an image of an iris in Japanese style and elaborated it in different ways.

Below you can see the elaborations. The first image is the original (small version) and the last two images are two results at real scale wallpaper.

Different styles for making a wallpaper are below:

Banksy wallpaper

The famous street artist Banksy has made several iconic images. We can help you turn one of them into wallpaper. It will not be exactly the same as the real image, but it get's close when looking at it from a bit of a distance (which you usually do with wallpaper).


The above are just some ideas. We can help you in many other ways if you would like, so you can have a personal and unique wallpaper, totally in your own style.