When you would like to print a wallpaper you have designed yourself, or also order a wallpaper you have seen online, you might be in for a small surprise colour wise. The colours of a print are often a little different from the colours we see on our screens. There are, roughly said, two reasons for this:

1. The screens of our computers, tablets and smartphones are not very precise as far as colours are concerned. It is almost impossible to find a really good calibrated screen. Therefore what we see on the screen is often a bit different, in colour, from what we see on print. You can see this difference comparing the colours on your phone/tablet, with those on a computer screen or different phone.

2. Screens have a different method with which they mix colours than print. Print uses CMYK (Cyan Magenta, Yellow and Black) where screen use RGB (Red, Green, Blu). Converting from one suystem to the other can result in some slight differences.

Usually clients give us a file to print that has been converted in CMYK. You can find excellent website that can convert a RGB pdf into a CMYK, like: https://www.pdf2cmyk.com.

However, also sending us the file already converted, it is very likely that the printed wallpaper will be slightly different in colour than what you see on your screen.