We are glad to help with the design of your own wallpaper. Do you have an idea, but you are not sure how to realise the idea into a wallpaper for your wall, do let us know!

How to design your own wallpaper

How does it work?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the measurements of the wall you are trying to design the wallpaper for.
Do you have a photo which should serve as the basis for the wallpaper, you can send it via Wetransfer.
Did you see a kind of wallpaper somewhere which you would like to imitate? Send us a picture or a link and we will see what we can do.

We will look into your requests and if we are confident that we can help realising it, we will send you a quote for the graphics and the wallpaper print itself and you can decide.


Ideas for wallpaper

A beautiful photo

A beautiful photograph is a wonderful wallpaper base. You can enjoy the image day in, day out. For a photo to be suitable, it has to be very large and photo's rarely are large enough to cover a wall without having to do further elaborations on the file. Camera's are more and more creating very big files, so it is possible. However, in case the image is not big enough, we can intervene in many ways.

Below you can see and example of an image of a valley with some mist. This is just one option to enlarge an image, there are others. The first image is the photo, next you can see it as wallpaper and the last image is a detail:



A gallery of pictures

A wall full of pictures as wallpaper? That is easy. There are many ways to add the pictures to the wallpaper. One can have some space between each pictures, or have them overlap, or have all pictures of the same size within squares or lines or even in circles. It is possible to add text in between or or top of images.

Do you have dear memories you would like to share with others? Making a photo wallpaper could be a good idea and we can help with the lay-out.

A famous photo

There are numerous websites where you can buy excellent pictures. Do ask us to have a look at the picture before you buy, so we can make sure the size is OK for printing and if not, to let you know how we can resolve this (with filters or other tricks). You can send us the link and we will get back to you shortly.

An example of a very famous picture we turned into a wallpaper (the picture is old and could not be resized as it was, so we elaborated it):

Wallart made from the art of children

Children are real artists. With love and dedication they can work for hours on a piece of art. A simplistic vision of their world. Wouldn't it be nice to add some wallpaper to the children's bedroom, made with some of their best art? An advantage could be that the children could continue their artwork on the wallpaper ... who would not really like that?

Some special words

Having a wallpaper with some beautiful lines of text is a lovely way to comunicate a thought that is important to you. It is easy to produce the file and save as a pdf. In case you would like something more complicated, we can help you realise it, just ask!

A wallpaper with writings is ideal for offices, bars, restaurants or in a private home in the hallway or bedroom.

A new idea based on old customs is to apply the wallpaper only to the top of the wall and make one room with a text that goes around.

A painting from a museum

Various museums have their art online and you can download it for free, when you use it yourself and not when you use it commercially. One museum is the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands) and another one is the MET.

The images are usually not big enough to print as a wallpaper, but we can help to turn them into a wallpaper.

Two examples of wallpaper we have made from apiece of art: Design your wallpaper from a painting