We print wallpaper for different professionals. From architects to interior designers and we also print for wallpaper designers.

We have many years of experience in wallpaper printing, fundamental to offer our demanding customers the quality they seek.

Printing wallpaper might seem equal to printing any other large format material. But it is not.

Wallpaper has a characteristic that makes printing a little complicated. The fact that it is cut into strips and these strips must perfectly match once they are applied to a wall, makes the printing of the wallpaper very delicate. Three factors are fundamental:

1. the paper must not be deformed during printing, because once deformed, the image does not match when the paper is applied to a wall.

2. the colours of each strip must always be the same.

3. the cutting of the printed wallpaper, in strips to be applied to the wall, must be done with great precision to make the stripes match to perfection.

In wallpaper printing, unfortunately there is a bit of waste, because we check every strip to see if it matches with the previous one. If the design or the colours do not match, we reprint it.

The technology used is of the highest quality, the latest generation HP Latex. We use HP inks, which are GreenGuard Gold certified and odourless.

The cutter is a Fotoba, specially designed for cutting wallpaper. This machine cuts with incredible precision and gives excellent results.

We have several types of wallpaper to choose from. You can see them at the bottom of the page or: The quality of our wallpaper.

If you are looking for a place to print wallpaper professionally, why not give us a try?