We did a short video where we show how to design a striped wallpaper using the free Inkscape software. Inkscape is a software that creates vector files. Vector files are not normal photos and they record the various points and lines in between these points to form images. These images can be enlarged without blurring, a big advantage compared to a normal photo.

Working in Inkscape requires a completely different approach than working in photo programs. Fortunately, creating a file from scratch is very easy, as you can see in this lesson.

You can download Inkscape for free: https://inkscape.org/it/download/

Open Inkscape and go to the 'File' menu and then to the bottom 'Document Properties'.

Change 'Orientation' to 'Landscape' if the base of the wall where you want to apply the wallpaper is wider than the height.

In the 'Custom Size' panel, check 'Units' in mm or cm and write the width of the wall in the Width box and in 'Height' the height of your wall.

Check also the 'Border on top of drawing' so you always see where the wallpaper you are planning ends.

Close the window and you will see that the initial small square has become very large. With the '-' key (minus or dash) you can zoom out and with the '+' key you can zoom in.

Now we have a working area of the right measure and you can start with the stripes.

In the video we see vertical stripes, made at randomly, without precise measurements nor positions.

Click in the left panel on the square icon and click in the image by dragging the mouse to make the stripe. At the top, under the menu, you see 4 values ​​that you can change. If you want to make stripes of a certain width, change the measurement from px to mm (to the right of the 4 values ​​at the top) and in the W box write how wide your strip should be.

You can change the color of the stripe by using the colors at the bottom, or by inserting the color you want in RGBA code in the 'Fill and Stroke' frame (found in the 'Object' menu and then 'Fill & Stroke'). To avoid problema with lines around your stripes, select the 'Stroke' tab and click on the small cross. Then select the 'Fill' tab and write the color code in the RGBA box. The code must be a valid code and looking on the internet for RGBA colors  you will easily find sites where you can combine the color you want (for example on https://www.hexcolortool.com) Always keep in mind that the color of the screen is never exactly the same color as the print. Read also: Colours when printing wallpaper

Then instead of doing each stripe this way, you can change the function from 'square' to 'arrow' (the first icon from above). The stripe you just made now has small arrows, which means it has been selected. If the stripe does not have these arrows around, click on it and you will see that they appear.

To duplicate the strip, click the 'control' button together with the 'd' button. Drag the strip to the location where you want to have it.

If you need precise measurements, again you can insert them in the upper squares, specifically in X (which indicates the horizontal position of the leftmost point of the selected object).

Now you have two stripes and you should select both and duplicate them and so on until you have filled everything.

At this point we have a wallpaper with a white background and stripes of the color you want. Of course you can also give a different color to each strip if you like it.

To create the background in another color, we must add a layer, by clicking in the menu on 'Layer' and selecting the item at the bottom 'Layers ...'. In the square that appears, click on + and add the layer under the existing one ('Position: Below current').

Select again the 'square' tool with which we created the first stripe and make a rectangle that covers the entire paper and a little 'out (what we save as a PDF is only the inside of the box).

Even here you can change the color as you like.

Now you can save as PDF, going to the 'File' menu and then 'Print'. In the panel that opens, select 'Print to File'. Give a name in 'Name:' and the place to save the pdf in 'Save in folder'.

You now have designed your striped wallpaper. Very simple and also free.

You can order the wallpaper print from us, if you want. We advise you to do a test first to verify that the color is what you have in mind.

We print on an HP Latex, which is odorless and certified for each environment (also suitable for nurseries and hospitals). We have calibrated the printer to perfection to ensure we print the right color.