Design your own wallpaper

We can design a wallpaper for you, a personalised wallpaper. Ideal if you have certain needs of colours or forms, or if you like a unique look. Read more: Create a wallpaper for your home.

The wallpaper from our collections

The wallpaper of our collections is tailor made  (up to a certain point).

It is possible to cut one part of the wallpaper, or to scale back the whole wallpaper or also to scale back and cut a part of the scaled back wallpaper. 

Here below we explain the various options in further detail, but don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

whole wallpaper 

The whole wallpaper with the maximum measurements that you find on each detail page and in the collections overviews.

For example:

Width: 450 cm
Height: 300 cm

... but what can you do with it?



You can select one part of the wallpaper.

You are invited to select the part of our wallpaper you like best, with the dimensions you prefer (minimum one square meter). 

For example:

Width: 200 cm
Height: 180 cm


scale back 

It is possible to scale back the whole wallpaper to the dimension you have in mind (minimum one square meter). The ratio between width and height remains fixed and you will keep the whole image. On the right hand side of each wallpaper you cam quickly add a measurements to see the corresponding one.

For example:

Width: 300 cm
Height: 200 cm 

scale back and cut 

The most complicated of the options is to scale back the whole wallpaper and then cut the piece you prefer (always minimum one square meter). 

For example:

Width: 170 cm
Height: 170 cm